Start Now

시작이 반이다: well begun is half done

Fast Feedback and Lagging Indicators

In cases where feedback is more like a signal from Mars than an echo off the wall, we can be led astray by sustained silences as we pursue efforts that only see benefits over the long-run.

On Giving Advice

Up until this point, I’ve always hated giving advice. When asked for my opinion from friends and family on the choices they were making, I often took the non-committal route of redirecting questions back to them and avoided making a recommendation on what they should or shouldn’t do.

The Nirvana Fallacy

Imagine you're a doctor. The doors to the ER fling open and in enters a stretcher carrying a patient whose lungs are in critical condition. Medication isn't working and the best solution would be to transplant a functioning replacement.

Core Values

The philosopher David Hume described our minds with the metaphor of a theatre - one with an ever-changing cast of opposing thoughts and perceptions.

The Piano

Like many of my other Asian friends, I grew up learning to play the piano. It was just one of the facts of life that every Thursday after school I would attend lessons, play for an hour and come back home. A default condition that I never questioned.

An Encounter with Passion

It was the early afternoon and I was strolling without purpose along the river near my house when my eyes landed on something across the water that made me pause - a man skipping.