The philosopher David Hume described our minds with the metaphor of a theatre - one with an ever changing cast of opposing thoughts and perceptions. In Hume’s eyes, this denied the existence of a persistent 'self' that could be tied down and attributed to an individual. In his eyes, we were all just bundles of perceptions.

Take aside your belief in the nature of our identity and there’s a truth to be found in the way we are governed by change. As humans, we’re characterised by changes in the way we feel, think and act. Subject to biases and the sway of emotions, we are in a constant state of flux.

Furthermore, as we explore and dip our toes into new contexts, communities and streams of information, our thought patterns are constantly evolving to match our new model of the world around us. Change is a part of being.

How might we find something consistent to hold onto while our internal and external conditions are constantly shifting?

The answer: our core values.