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시작이 반이다: well begun is half done

On Giving Advice

Up until this point, I’ve always hated giving advice. When asked for my opinion from friends and family on the choices they were making, I often took the non-committal route of redirecting questions back to them and avoided making a recommendation on what they should or shouldn’t do.

Core Values

The philosopher David Hume described our minds with the metaphor of a theatre - one with an ever-changing cast of opposing thoughts and perceptions.

The Piano

Like many of my other Asian friends, I grew up learning to play the piano. It was just one of the facts of life that every Thursday after school I would attend lessons, play for an hour and come back home. A default condition that I never questioned.

An Encounter with Passion

It was the early afternoon and I was strolling without purpose along the river near my house when my eyes landed on something across the water that made me pause - a man skipping.

Goals Steer, Systems Drive

Both goals and systems are powerful tools we should seek to leverage in our pursuit of learning, thinking and doing better and the relationship between the two is what makes them so powerful.