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    Past Editions

    Sunday Saves #15

    Peter Thiel's Contrarian Question, The Curse of Knowledge and Bilbo Baggins

    Sunday Saves #14

    Positive Sum-Games, The Daily Highlight and Starting With a Win (revisited)

    Sunday Saves #13

    Stewards of Information, The Theory of Modes and David Goggins' Cookie Jar

    Sunday Saves #12

    Work in the Abstract, Eating the Broccoli and Liquid Knowledge

    Sunday Saves #11

    Deliberate Practice, Juntos and Affect Labelling

    Sunday Saves #10

    The Scarcity Mindset, Central Strivings and Young's 5-Step Ideation Process

    Sunday Saves #9

    The Signalling-Utility Spectrum, The Resource-Scarce Algorithm and Negative Visualisation

    Sunday Saves #8

    Goodhart's Law, Measure Discomfort and The Theory of Constraints

    Sunday Saves #7

    Type-C Procrastination, Opportunistic Addition & Progressive Disclosure

    Sunday Saves #6

    Measure and Objective, Cheap Abundance and Mindful Productivity

    Sunday Saves #5

    Forest Bathing, Exploring vs Exploiting and Substituting Nuance for Novelty

    Sunday Saves #4

    Positive-Sum Games, Daily Highlights and Start With a Win